This section will be updated regularly to provide you with information on the progress of construction at Tempo, Drummoyne. Expected completion is Q2 2018.


Driving down Victoria Road you get a good feel of the scale of the Tempo building. The dimensions of the site would easily be big enough for a full sized football match to be played with room for spectators. The two basement levels have had 45,000m3 of sandstone excavated and the basement construction is now complete. The building structure has reached level 4 and the first delivery of the prefabricated bathroom PODS is expected in the next month.

We have commenced the campaign for the retail spaces along Victoria Road and approaching our preferred food and beverage operators for the Church Street café and restaurant tenancies. We are focussed on attracting tenants that will be appreciated by the residents and provide alternative retail options along Victoria Road. We are hoping that you will be able to grab a coffee, lunch, a haircut, have you bike serviced and enjoy a great dinner all at your doorstep. Please let us know in the comments below what type of shops you would like to see downstairs.


There has been a remarkable change to the Tempo site with the first floor of the building now visible from the street. This follows on from the excavation of the basement levels and construction all of the underground car parking area, storage cages, bike racks and other areas like the garbage rooms and building plant rooms.

In keeping with the innovative approach to the construction, we are very pleased to announce that all the bathrooms and ensuites in the building are currently being constructed in a factory in Dee Why and will be transported and installed in your apartment as complete units. Due to the off-site manufacture the quality of the workmanship can be carefully managed and allows for more rapid construction on site. This method of construction will not be noticeable in the completed apartment as the details and finishes are the same as if the work was done on site. We look forward to the first bathroom pods being lifted into place.

The “SOLD OUT” sign is due to go up with only one apartment remaining for sale. You may also see increased advertising for the retailers, restaurateurs and café operators to take up the premium opportunities along Victoria Road and Church Street.


If you have been anywhere near Drummoyne in the last little while you could not have missed the tower crane that dominates the skyline. 


When pointing straight up, the tip of the crane is some 100m and the crane driver assures us that the view is spectacular.  The size of the crane is critical to allow it to reach the four corners of the site from the absolute centre of the building. 


Not so obvious is the construction of the bottom basement level that has commenced and before long the construction will be back up to ground level.


There are a very limited number of apartments remaining

So if friends or family are considering a purchase, please suggest that they do not wait.  The sales suite is now located at McGrath’s office in Norton Street, Leichhardt.

Construction Update | December 2016

There has been significant progress on the Tempo Drummoyne project with the closure of the old Bob Jane T-Mart shop and demolition of the building. Following demolition, our building contractor, Richard Crookes Constructions commenced excavation of the site and you may notice the increasingly large and deep hole being dug on the site. Given that there are two levels of basement the excavation will take approximately 4 months to complete prior to the car parking slabs being built back up to ground level.

We are very pleased to have Richard Crookes Constructions as your builder as they have an enviable reputation for building quality residential apartment building to exacting standards and delivering their projects on time. Being a privately owned builder, their attention to detail and passion for ‘getting it right’ is foremost in everything they do and the construction of your apartment will be no exception.

Construction Update | Sept 2016

As many of you may be aware from driving along Victoria Road, demolition work on site has commenced and is well underway. Demolition on the corner of Church Street and Formosa Street is expected to be completed by early October.

We are also pleased to announce that Richard Crookes Constructions will commence construction works on Monday 17 October, 2016. Richard Crookes Constructions is a private, family-owned construction company which has been operating for over 30 years as one of Australia’s leading construction businesses.

Sept 2016 IMAG6323
Sept 2016 IMAG6326

Construction Update | July 2016

Demolition began in May 2016. Buildings were pulled down between the Display Suite and the Bob Jane T-Mart at 77 Victoria Road. The rest of the demolition will continue over the next three months.

Construction has begun with in ground works to establish the foundations of the site. The above ground works are due to begin early next year, where the most visible construction elements will appear in early 2017.

July demo updates

The demolition in June 2016.

June 2016

Tanks removed from the petrol station site

A total of 10 tanks were unearthed from the site.