Monthly Archives: July 2017


There has been a remarkable change to the Tempo site with the first floor of the building now visible from the street. This follows on from the excavation of the basement levels and construction all of the underground car parking area, storage cages, bike racks and other areas like the garbage rooms and building plant rooms.

In keeping with the innovative approach to the construction, we are very pleased to announce that all the bathrooms and ensuites in the building are currently being constructed in a factory in Dee Why and will be transported and installed in your apartment as complete units. Due to the off-site manufacture the quality of the workmanship can be carefully managed and allows for more rapid construction on site. This method of construction will not be noticeable in the completed apartment as the details and finishes are the same as if the work was done on site. We look forward to the first bathroom pods being lifted into place.

The “SOLD OUT” sign is due to go up with only one apartment remaining for sale. You may also see increased advertising for the retailers, restaurateurs and café operators to take up the premium opportunities along Victoria Road and Church Street.