A number of important construction milestones have been achieved since we last sent out an update. Firstly, the scaffold has been removed from the Victoria Road facade of the building. This has finally revealed the building’s “rhythm” which is accentuated by the three complementary colours of the facade. We have been very pleased with the reaction of the purchasers to the unveiling of this elevation and the Kookaburra that was revealed in the last update.

The second milestone is the removal of the hard working tower crane from the site at the beginning of March. This crane has done all of the heavy lifting on the site and now that the works are nearing completion, it is time to bid it farewell.

The final milestone is the installation of the last prefabricated bathroom POD in the development. The benefit of the offsite fabrication of the PODS is that the quality of the finishes is improved as the bathrooms are ‘manufactured’ in highly controlled conditions.

We continue to be pleased with the rate of progress of the construction and are now expecting the building to be completed in June this year with settlements to occur soon afterwards. As settlement approaches, we will continue to narrow down the expected settlement date. A number of weeks out from settlement, we will write to your solicitor confirming when we have submitted the plans for registration. Further notice will be issued when the apartment title plans have been registered and settlement will occur following this notice.


  1. Melissa says:

    I love reading new progress updates. I can’t wait for completion!

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